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I learned about clay studying Mural Art and fell madly in love, immediately afterwards I enrolled to study ceramics. That was more than ten years ago, but (if possible) I like it more every day: patterns, textures and possibilities; I have worked with a lot of materials: wood, silicone, plaster, oil, acrylic, resin… But clay allows me to create with incalculable freedom, like no other material.


Although it seems easy, making ceramics is not a bed of roses. The day before the review, my final grade project fell to the ground and was broken into pieces... And a little of me as well. That moment marked a before and after in my life, although I still didn't know it. I stayed there, in art school, for another year and presented another project, because for some reason the desire to continue was greater than the fear of failing again.


I could decorate Park Güell with the number of pieces that have been broken since then... But I'm not going to do it, I don't feel like it. On the other hand, I will continue working and creating because I know that from time to time really extraordinary things come out; And I will consider myself super lucky if I can make others see the power and the magic that I see in ceramics.


I design and manufacture my pieces myself from start to finish, I use Spanish raw materials and I waste NOTHING. My processes are manual, using modeling techniques and my own molds to make reproductions. I really like working with wall and decorative elements, such as flower pots. The first hanging pots I made were so that my cats could not reach to bite and destroy the house plants, and now my plants are happy and so are my cats.


My work is the result of hours of dedication, research and perseverance, where I try to find a balance between a well thought out design and the spontaneity that working with my hands implies. I like to think that my work encompasses the best of two worlds: the possibility of working with modules and series plus the natural quality of the finishes of handcrafted artistic ceramics.


I was born in Venezuela in 1990 and I have lived in Madrid since 2010.


Accesit cevisama - Adriana Machado Studio
Producto fresco - Adriana Machado Studio

Participation in DIMAD's Fresh Product 2019 at the Central de Diseño del Matadero de Madrid.

Second prize at the 2018 Cevisama Awards for Sirimiri Design. Category: "ceramic products shaped by other methods".

Participation in the CEVISAMA Exhibition at the Valencia Fair, 2018.

Participation in the collective exhibition at the Territorial College of Architects of Valencia - CTAV, 2018.

Participation in the III Design Conference at ESCAL, Escuela Superior de Cerámica de Alcora, 2018.

Superior Technician of Plastic Arts and Design in the Arts Applied to the Wall. La Palma School of Art .

Technician of Plastic Arts and Design in Ceramic Modeling and Matricería. Francisco Alcántara School of Art .

Workshop on modeling and casting techniques in plaster.

Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando .

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