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Alzado baldosa 3D sirimiri - Adriana Machado Studio
Perfil baldosa 3D sirimiri - Adriana Machado Studio
Baldosa 3D sirimiri - Adriana Machado Studio



Sirimiri is a three-dimensional ceramic tile set that, as an urban intervention, acts as a link with the environment. When we install it on an exterior wall, the pieces allow rainwater to fall creating a calm waterfall while establishing an interaction between the building and its surroundings.


More than a decorative element, Sirimiri lends itself as an element of Mural Art and as an architectural resource for interiors and exteriors customizable in color and size.

Srimiri was awarded in January 2018 with a prize in the CEVISAMA international design competition, a leading fair in the ceramic sector located in Valenca, Spain. You can visit this link for more information.

I make these handmade tiles with a pre-order, in the color and size that you want and the quantity you need. The price varies depending on how the order is, write to me and I'll send you a quote or contact me through this form.

Learn how to make objects like this using the ceramic mold casting technique in one of my courses.

Visit my courses and workshops page for more information.

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